Infrared Thermoplastic Heater


The HDE PT150 is the most efficient asphalt and thermoplastic heater in the world. At 87% efficiency you can expect a 40-50% reduction in propane use over other infrared systems. Our unique range of operating temperatures via adjusting gas pressure at the regulator can better suit varying job and material conditions. The HDE PT150 is designed to be used as a 3'x3' heater. The HDE PT150 has two separate heat zones 3'x1.5' that can be independently operated and lit. The venturi design uses the pressurized gas from the tanks and mixes it with air to create a mixture which, when ignited behind the ceramic cloth heats the surface to high infrared emission temperatures of 1600°F to 1800°F on high setting. The adjustable regulator allows the operator to control the amount of heat required for various applications. The HDE PT150 BTU per hour fuel usage at 150,000 BTU's is the lowest on the market, while in comparison has the highest and most efficient infrared intensity per sqft of heater area. Not only can you apply pre-formed thermoplastic with the HDE PT150 but because of the powerful infrared it produces and the ability to adjust temperatures, asphalt stamping and asphalt repairs can also be done with ease. Contractors who use our system in a thermoplastic application have stated their labor and propane savings were both in the 40 to 50% range.


• Easily replaceable HDE cartridge with bolt & nut attachment.

• Typical cartridge life is approximately 1500 hours.


• Adjustable regulator to control the temperature of the heaters.

• C.S.A. & C.G.A. approved propane regulator


• Two 40lb vapor LPG tank with a quick fill multi-valve

• Heavy duty nylon strap


• Lifting handles for lifting onto a truck or trailer.



HDE PT150 Wing-up