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Construction of longitudinal joints is recognized as one of the most significant asphalt paving construction problems today. At the Swift Airport Conference in Calgary a presentation on longitudinal joints was given by Mr. Rob McClure P. Eng of Hatch, Mott, Macdonald. The presentation outlined the problems of consructing a good longitudinal joint using a case study of a paving project done in 2007 at the DFC Shearwater Heliport in Dartmouth, N.S., Canada. The specifications required cutting and removal of the edge of the cold lane prior to tacking and butting up the new pavement lane. The paving contractor requested and received approval for using an alternate method using a HDE longitudinal joint heater.

The joint heating proved very effective, saving the contractor money in material, labour, and project time. All the test resultsusing the joint heater met the required compaction, whereas the specified technique of cut joints had failures. The appearance of the joint was excellent. The cost was reported to be in the area of $0.15 per lineal meter ($ 0.05 cents per foot), which is considerably under any other longitudinal joint construction technique cost, even considerably under any joint repair technique. The 2008 project specifications were changed to include joint heating.


The HDE paver attachment is available in three standard models

HDE JMH 300-PA - 12’ 300,000 BTU

HDE JMH 400-PA - 16’ 400,000 BTU

HDE JMH 500-PA - 20’ 500,000 BTU


HDE joint heaters are designed to be expanded depending on paving requirements. Slower paver speeds may require an HDE 300-PA, within 10 minutes it can be changed into a HDE 500-PA for highway paving. After the initial installation the JMH-PA can attach to any brand of paver within 10 minutes, as all electrical and propane connections are quick connect. Each unit is pre-wired for electronic ignition and both manual and automatic modes. When operating on automatic, the heater will switch from operating pressure (35 psi) to low pressure (5 - 10 psi) If there is a delay in the paving operation and the paver has to stop, the unit will switch to low and heat the joint slowly without burning it. When the paving operation commences the heat will switch to operating pressure. The heaters width can be adjusted based on paving width by sliding the heater on the 2” chrome shaft.

The HDE JMH can also be used for longitudinal joint repair to ensure a better watertight joint and prevent accelerated deterioration. It is particularly cost effective when the joint has widened to such an extent,that joint filler will not stay, or when the cracks have spread to the adjacent joint. By reheating the asphalt it can be reworked, asphalt can then be added to fill in any voids in the pavement. This process creates a lasting seamless repair.


HDE's replaceable ceramic cartridge allows for easy replacement of the heating element. Typical cartridge life is about 1,500 hours, and can be changed in less than 20 minutes. This patented design prevents the heat from transferring to the heater plenum (top), thus extending the life of the heater.


HDE's heaters are capable of running at pressures of 5 PSI up to 40 PSI. HDE's unique High/Low system allows the operator to heat the patch with a higher temperature for the first 5 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of low heat. This enables the operator to reduce the fuel usage while the heat is penetrating deeper into the already heated patch.


Full hydraulics.The C.G.A. approved vaporizer converts liquid propane to vapour gas. Unlike conventional vapour heating systems, our liquid system will not freeze, and can operate on one ropane tank at a time, at temperatures of -15°F (-25°C). Operating on liquid propane allows the truck to carry fewer tanks, and can empty a tank completely. A typical 8' x 6.6' heater will operate on two to three 100 pound propane tanks per day.


Power Source


Heater Expansion


The HDE heating deck is built with a quick attachment system, allowing the heating unit to be removed from the truck in under ten minutes.


Adjust Height


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Universal Install


Wind Skirts


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