The HDE skid steer unit is designed to operate as a multi-functional asphalt heater. It can function as an Infrared heater to economically repair potholes, surface cracks, bad joints, bird baths, and around catch basins, and manholes. The highly efficient infrared heaters can soften 2.5″ of asphalt to temperatures of 220F to be scarified and re-leveled and compacted in 5 to 10 minutes, with out burning the surface of the asphalt. The HDE skid steer heater has also proven itself as a successful pre-heater. In northern climates, paving becomes a problem in colder months, when ambient temperatures do not meet the specifications set out by the governing officials. When asphalt surfaces cool too quickly, before proper compaction, problems such as raveling, non-uniform consolidation and rutting, high moisture penetration and Increased cracking may occur. A contractor can save money on scheduling while increasing quality by pre-heating the base asphalt prior to surface course application.

Once the heater is operating the heater is easily controlled by the in cab remote control. The remote features a High/Low selector switch and indicator lights and a Emergency stop button.



HDE's replaceable ceramic cartridge allows for easy replacement of the heating element. Typical cartridge life is about 1,500 hours, and can be changed in less than 20 minutes. This patented design prevents the heat from transferring to the heater plenum (top), thus extending the life of the heater.


HDE's heaters are capable of running at pressures of 5 PSI to 50 PSI. HDE's unique high/low system allows the operator to heat the patch with a higher temperature for the first five minutes, followed by 5minutes of low heat. This allows the operator to reduce the fuel usage while the heat is penetrating deeper into the already heated patch.


The C.G.A. approved vaporizer converts liquid propane to vapour gas. Unlike conventional vapour heating systems, our liquid system will not freeze, and can operate on one 100 pound propane tank at atime, at temperatures of -15F (-25C). Operating on liquid propane allows the truck to carry less propane, and can empty a tank completely. A typical 8' x 6.6' heater will operate on two to three 100 poundpropane tanks per day.


Full Hydraulics


The HDE heating deck is built with a quick attachment system, allowing the heating unit to be removed from the truck in under ten minutes.


All HDE patcher vehicles are fuelled by liquid draw propane cylinders. There are standard propane cylinders that will draw liquid off of the top, converting it into vapour gas through the vaporizer. Using liquid tanks eliminates the need to carry extra propane tanks. Photographed above are two 200 pound LPG tanks. These will provide up to two days of operating, depending on the pressure that the heaters are operating at.


The standard HDE patcher vehicle is an 8' x 6.6' panel with 10 added heaters. Heaters can be added and lowered both manually and hydraulically to produce a larger heating panel.