Asphalt Recyclers


The Mini Recycler is inexpensive, quick, low volume asphalt recycler. Our customers report hot mix production rates for the smaller MR75 recycler of 2 to 3 tons per 8 hour shift, while filling potholes. The MR150 is rated at 5 to 7 tons per 8 hour shift. Ambient operating temperatures are reported as low as -15°C (5°F) with a propane cost of less than 1.50 per hour and overall production costs of $31.75 per ton. (35/ton).

The Mini Recycler is designed to melt bricks of asphalt that are placed on a 2 inch (50mm) screen deck below our patented infrared heater operating at 20-30,000 Btu. The brick is heated in minutes by the high intensity, full surface infrared heat. When the asphalt reaches the softening point 175°F (75°C) the material starts to fall through the screen into the storage area below. The guillotine style door makes it easy to remove the hot asphalt from the recycler.

The Mini Recycler is available in two sizes, The MR 75 and the MR 150. Both units are available in skid and trailer models.


Safety Shut Off

BASO® High Pressure Automatic Shutoff Gas Valve provides complete shutoff in the event that the flame heating the thermocouple is extinguished.


Vapor propane is delivered from 30Lb Horizontal LPG cylinder. The cylinder is equipped with a slight gauge for fuel level.

Trailer Design

All HDE trailers are equipped with rubber torsion axles.

Loading Door

Large opening for loading oversized asphalt chunks.


Compactor platform

Directional arrow board

Vibratory roller

Tool rack

LED strobe

LED work lights

100,000 BTU torch