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The HDE asphalt maintenance trailer is a turnkey infrared asphalt repair machine that will heat up and soften a localized area of the surface course asphalt, allowing for the area to be re-worked and compacted fixing any surface deterioration. The highly efficient infrared heaters can soften the top 2.5" of asphalt to the original mixing temperatures in 5 to 10 minutes without burning the asphalt.

Potholes, surface cracks, bad joints, bird baths, catch basins, and manholes can be economically repaired with minimal time expended and minor traffic re-routing throughout the year. The HDE asphalt heaters have also proven well for pre-heating of the asphalt for cold weather paving.

A unit that is equipped with a 8.2"x 6.6" heater deck and a 2 ton reclaimer. Has capacity for four 100 pound liquid propane cylinders. This will operate the heating deck and reclaimer for approximately 15- 20 hours.


HDE 300 2TMT

HDE 750 2TMT


HDE's replaceable ceramic cartridge allows for easy replacement of the heating element. Typical cartridge life is about 1,500 hours, and can be changed in less than 20 minutes. This patented design prevents the heat from transferring to the heater plenum (top), thus extending the life of the heater.

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