Heat Design Equipment Inc. has been working side by side with its sister company, Infrared Pavement Repair Corp. since 1995 in developing our infrared equipment. With that we have developed a extensive in house training program for both use and maintenance of our equipment. This will allow you and your staff to get the best from your Infrared Heater by investing in specialized operator training – improving sweeper performance and operator function, as well as Health and Safety awareness.

Training courses are available covering a range of topics to suit specific requirements or specific equipment. Training can be provided at our facility or at the customers site.

Onsite training is also available and is highly recommend in combination of visiting our facility and receiving the proper training for the machine you purchased. Many of our customers claim the most valuable part of the purchase was working with one of our many Crews and getting some real hands on training with the infrared process

Proper training of the application and the use of the equipment will improve your infrared operation at the same time it will reduces operating and maintenance costs.

Application Training

Heat Design Equipment Trainers are experienced with in-depth knowledge of all HDE models and are enthusiastic about passing on this knowledge:

Operator Training

Heat Design Equipment provides Operator Training on all there infrared heaters, focusing on: Safe, correct and efficient use of there equipment

Maintenance Training

Heat Design Equipment provides maintenance training on all there infrared heaters so that your mechanics can provide proper maintenance of your investment.