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Featuring Our New:  HeatLink system seamlessly connects multiple heaters, to form a larger heating area

Infrared Asphalt Heaters possess the ability to revive worn-out asphalt. By utilizing advanced infrared technology, these heaters have the power to heat and soften damaged areas, in just 10 minutes, these heaters can restore the asphalt to its original mixing temperature, enabling the asphalt to be reworked and compacted, resulting in a long lasting repair. To accommodate larger work areas, HeatLink system allows for the seamless connection of multiple heaters. With this innovative solution, you can now connect multiple heaters both in width and length.


HDE’s Mini Heaters have been used in the field for over 10 years for many of the following applications:

• Alligator Cracks

• Catch Basins

• Decorative Asphalt

• Weed Killing

• Frost Removal

• Tennis Court Repairs

• Parking Deck Repairs

Features &

100,000 BTU Infrared heater with simple cartridge replacement
Universal caster system
Bolt on hinge to easily covert to lineal heater
Adjustable regulator with integrated pressure gauge to control temperature
Venturi mixing system eliminates batteries and blowers
Easily connects to 30 or 40 lb vapor propane tanks with 8 to 10 hours of runtime
Adjustable handlebars for easy moving and transportation
Optional wind skirts to contain heat
Handles for easy lifting


Reheats and reworks affected areas in place
Easily repair potholes, bird baths, cracks, seams, and other surface imperfections
Penetrates surface asphalt without burning

Models and Configurations
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