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 In 1976, HEAT DESIGN EQUIPMENT INC manufactures infrared asphalt heating equipment for asphalt pavement patching, longitudinal joint heating for durable joints and pre-heating for cold weather paving, as well as asphalt recyclers and hot box storage containers.

Infrared heaters, provide high intensity, penetrating radiant heat into asphalt in place, without burning the surface. Open flame to re-heat pavement surfaces has been shown to damage the asphalt without achieving penetration to an effective depth. Many jurisdictions now ban the use of open flame to re-heat asphalt and recommend infrared.

The HDE patented design, allows continuous, uniform re-heating of the asphalt in place, to perform quick asphalt patch repair with a seamless joint, or pre-heating to allow re-compaction and an effective bond between an existing pavement surface and a new asphalt layer. This is especially important to achieve good longitudinal joints and when attempting cold weather paving. It will reduce early pavement deterioration and costly reconstruction of our roads.

Because HDE’s unique patented design sets us apart from our competitors we have become a leader in longitudinal joint heating to ensure compacted, seamless joints. Echelon paving is seen as the best way to ensure a good longitudinal joint. HDE heaters ensure a hot joint at a cost of pennies per foot, when tandem paving cannot be done. A recent presentation at the Swift Airport Conference on a LaFarge heliport project in Canada demonstrated the savings over conventional airport pavement specifications, as well as better compaction and appearance. A report was presented by Tennessee DOT at the 2009 Tennessee Quality Asphalt Institute (TQAI) on a study by the University of Tennessee and identified joint heating using the HDE joint heater as the best of seven technologies researched to improve longitudinal joint construction. The study reported the lowest air voids (6.915%) and the lowest permeability (4.121E-04) on test cores taken directly on the joint.

Heat Design Equipment Inc. continues to research new and beneficial uses of the HDE heater. A tour through our website will demonstrate interesting applications of infrared heat in the construction industry.

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