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Heat Design Equipment maintains a variety of stock for all of our standard components in order to quickly supply our customers with the parts they need. Most in stock parts can be shipped same day if order received before 3pm EST.

Our service department is equipped with 2 Licensed propane mechanics /service technicians that are available for over the phone troubleshooting, in house diagnostic and repairs, as well as onsite help, training, and repairs. Heat Design Equipment works to ensure 100% customer satisfaction which we believe is achieved in part by our quality product and in part by our ability to quickly and efficiently get your machines back to work.



Heat Design Equipment Inc. has been working side by side with its sister company, Infrared Pavement Repair Corp. since 1995 in developing our infrared equipment. With that we have developed an in house training program for both use and maintenance of our equipment. This will allow you and your staff to get the best from your infrared heater by investing in specialized operator training – improving sweeper performance and operator function, as well as health and safety awareness.

Onsite training is also available and is highly recommend in combination of visiting our facility and receiving the proper training for the machine you purchased. Many of our customers claim the most valuable part of the purchase was working with one of our many Crews and getting some real hands on training with the infrared process


Proper training of the application and the use of the equipment will improve your infrared operation at the same time it will reduces operating and maintenance costs.

Application Training

Heat Design Equipment Trainers are experienced with in-depth knowledge of the infrared repair process and are enthusiastic about passing on this knowledge.

20181012_105735 - Copy.jpg
Operator Training

Heat Design Equipment provides Operator Training on all there infrared heaters, focusing on: Safe, correct and efficient use of there equipment

Maintenance Training

Heat Design Equipment provides maintenance training on all there infrared heaters so that your mechanics can provide proper maintenance of your investment.



HDE warrants its equipment against defects or workmanship on normal use or service for a period of one year. The warranty includes but is not limited to the following Frame, Steel parts, Electrical components and heaters and hoses

HDE Heater cartridge is warranted for a period of 90 days, If within this time a defect occurs due to manufacture defect it will be replaced. Any failure in the heater cartridge that occurs after the 90 day period and before the 12 month standard warranty will be reviewed on a case by case basis by HDE. It will then be determined if the heater has failed from manufacture defect or normal wear and tear or misuse

HDE’s HOT BOX Heating System is warranted for a period of one year, this covers the infrared heaters, (not including spark plugs and ignition wire and thermo-couplers) and the electrical panel and all it components. Warranty does not apply to defects caused by improper use or abuse. Any damage that has been caused by accidents, freight or improper maintenance or repair will not be covered under HDE’s warranty The warranty period will begin on the date the unit was first placed into service.

The warranty card should be mailed into HDE within 10 days of putting into service. excludes from its warranty items such as batteries and tires. These claims should be directed to their local authorized distributor/ dealer

HDE is responsible for the replacement and or repair of the defective parts. All replaced parts should be returned to HDE for inspection.

HDE will not be liable for downtime, overhead and performance penalties.


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