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The Mini Recycler is inexpensive, quick, low volume asphalt recycler. Our customers report hot mix production rates for the smaller MR75 recycler of 2 to 3 tons per 8 hour shift, while filling potholes. The MR150 is rated at 5 to 7 tons per 8 hour shift. Ambient operating temperatures are reported as low as -15°C (5°F) with a propane cost of less than 1.50 per hour and overall production costs of $31.75 per ton. (35/ton).

The Mini Recycler is designed to melt bricks of asphalt that are placed on a 2 inch (50mm) screen deck below our patented infrared heater operating at 20-30,000 Btu. The brick is heated in minutes by the high intensity, full surface infrared heat. When the asphalt reaches the softening point 175°F (75°C) the material starts to fall through the screen into the storage area below. The guillotine style door makes it easy to remove the hot asphalt from the recycler.

The Mini Recycler is available in two sizes, The MR 75 and the MR 150. Both units are available in skid and trailer model.








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The HDE RAP (Raptor) Asphalt Recycler is used for recycling waste asphalt to 'like new' hot mix asphalt. There are hundreds of thousands of tons of waste asphalt stockpiled worldwide with tremendous potential value in 4-6 % bitumen, and premium aggregate.

The HDE RAP Recycler provides you the opportunity to re-heat this material and modify the properties to ensure the best product for pothole repair, patch repair, even skin patching without going to the hot mix plant and waiting! Modifying agents like rubber and rejuvenators can be easily added to make a premium mix that will slow down reflection cracking, making your repair last longer.


The Infrared RAP Recycler is designed to progressively increase the temperature of the RAP from ambient to the desired temperature without exposing the asphalt bitumen/binder to exceedingly high temperatures and burning the bitumen during the process.

Conventional recyclers with high intensity burners will expose the bitumen and aggregate to very high temperatures in proximity to the heat source, even if the heat is indirect. If the temperature of the bitumen goes beyond 275°F (175°C) the light oils start to burn off and the bitumen becomes more brittle. This is especially critical with aged bitumen in RAP that has already oxidized over the years.

The Infrared process ensures an incremental addition of heat as the RAP is being mixed by the mix/transport auger. New rejuvenating bitumen/oils and other beneficiating products are then added close to the desired end temperature that will improve the binder to meet the specified physical properties.

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